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If you’re looking for a tool that would help you increase your income within one month, then we have good news for you! Introducing: Whatsapp Bulk Sender!

Whatsapp Bulk Sender is your ultimate Bulk Whatsapp Sending Software that will help you achieve success in your business within one month through Whatsapp Marketing!

Whatsapp Marketing is now the latest happening in the marketing world nowadays which enables you to better connect with your target prospect and existing clients without incurring any cost! Whatsapp Bulk sender is your ultimate bulk Whatsapp marketing software that is a perfect complement with your Whatsapp Channels will enable you to send thousands of Whatsapp messages that promotes your various goods and services.

Just, download Whatsapp Bulk Messenger by contacting us through skype: bulkwhatsappsender for more details. Hurry and contact us soon because we only have 2000 units for sale!

If you are looking to increase your profits by using one of the most effective tools available that will promote your business, then Whatsapp Bulk Sender is the tool for you!

This Bulk Whatsapp Blasting Software has been developed to empower you in leveraging Whatsapp Marketing to increase your database of clients. The objective of using Whatsapp Bulk Sender is to reach a wider audience through Whatsapp; the greater the coverage, the greater the chance of attracting clients!

Bulk Whatsapp Messenger is packed with many useful features that will ease your life as a marketer.

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Whatsapp Marketing

Hailed as the latest and one of the most effective tools to increase business nowadays, Whatsapp Marketing is a type of marketing which provides prospects and existing clients with personalized, time and location sensitive messages that promotes a company’s various goods and services.

It requires two components. These are:

  1. Whatsapp Marketing Software
    Whatsapp Marketing Software is the tool that will allow you to send mass Whatsapp messages composed of text, image, video, audio, Vcard, GPS based file or even a combination of these platforms to your list of Whatsapp contacts.
    Whatsapp Bulk Sender belonged to this category. It is one of the tools that our company offers that will empower you to use Whatsapp in connecting with your targeted audience.
  2. Whatsapp Channels
    Whatsapp Channels are Whatsapp numbers that have been pre-activated and registered online through a special Whatsapp Channel generator. This is another type of Whatsapp Marketing Solution that will help you communicate with your targeted audience. It is also used to perform other automation activities.

Widely recognized by many marketers, Whatsapp Marketing is responsible for changing how countless businesses communicate with their prospect and existing clients. To understand why Whatsapp Marketing is the most preferred choice for many, we have listed advantages as compared to SMS Marketing:

  1. Unlike SMS, you have the ability to compose and send bulk Whatsapp messages for free that are longer than 160 characters.
  2. Unlike SMS, you can also compose and send messages with text, audio, video, image, Vcard, GPS based file and even a combination of these platforms for free.
  3. Finally, Whatsapp enables you to reach any Whatsapp number in the world without paying for any cost unlike in SMS where you need to pay exorbitant fees for MMS messaging.

Now is a ripe time that you apply bulk Whatsapp Marketing by adopting Whatsapp Bulk Sender in your system. With this Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software, you can now reach out to your targeted audience without fear of incurring high advertising or promotional costs!

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Software Features:

  1. You have the ability to add limitless amount of Whatsapp Channels in the syste.
  2. With this Whatsapp Bulk Message Sending Software, you have the ability to generate unlimited amount of phone numbers which you can use in your marketing campaigns
  3. Using Whatsapp Bulk Sender will also enable you to filter active numbers that are using Whatsapp.
  4. This Whatsapp Sending Tool has the capability of receiving replies from your list of contacts. You also have the option of replying to that message through this tool.
  5. Using Whatsapp Bulk Sender will enable you to view “last seen” status of your contacts in the filtered active Whatsapp users.
  6. With Whatsapp Bulk Sender, you can send messages with text, images, video, audio, Vcard, GPS based files and even a combination of these platforms to your list of contacts.
  7. This Whatsapp blasting Software also allows you to send future dated Whatsapp messages.
  8. Using Whatsapp Bulk Sender will enable you to have complete control over all your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns.

You can immediately experience these eight benefits right now! Just simply contact us through skype: bulkwhatsappsender!


We are only releasing 2000 units of The Whatsapp Bulk Sender before we take down this offer. Place your orders now if you want to maximize your potential in earning more income!

About us

We are one of the leading Whatsapp Marketing Service Providers and one of the best sources of high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Solutions in the industry. We provide businesses with various Whatsapp Channels, Whatsapp Marketing Software, Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Plans and Packages and so much more.

All of our goods and services went through a series of quality tests and test runs for a period of many months before they are distributed for sale.

If you want to avail ONLY high quality Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns to help you reach a wider audience and promote your own goods and services, come to us!

We also provide valuable materials such as webinars, tutorials and other tools that will help improve your skills as a Whatsapp Marketer. This is especially beneficial if you want to further your skills as a Whatsapp Marketer to help scale better and more effective marketing campaigns.

WhatsApp Marketing Best Practices

As a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we also provide information about the latest and most effective Whatsapp Marketing practices. These are specific instructions, tips and ways on how you can attract more clients or encourage your targeted audience to buy your goods and services.

We will also provide you ways on how to maintain your various Whatsapp marketing solutions such as Whatsapp marketing softwares and whatsapp channel generators so you can take advantage of these tools for longer periods of time.

Other Tools & Resources

As your Whatsapp Marketing provider, we will also offer you other tools and resources such as Data Extraction Software, Google+ Local Extractor, and How-To Tutorials on how to use these resources and software. These additional materials will help you maximize the power of your Whatsapp Marketing Software and will help you become a better Whatsapp marketer in the long run.

Training & Working Guide

Aside from providing you resources and other materials, we will also provide training and guides in the form of various Whatsapp Marketing Books, E-books and Guides. These will also help improve your skills as a Whatsapp Marketer.

Whatsapp Marketing and Whatsapp Marketing Providers

There is no doubt that Whatsapp Marketing will continue to affect many businesses in how they connect with their prospect and existing clients. Because of its ability to help increase income in the least amount of time, there is no doubt that many Whatsapp Marketing Providers will continue to rise.

This is an exciting phase for you and your business if you grab the opportunity of employing Whatsapp Marketing in your business. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, switch now to Whatsapp marketing!

Whatsapp Bulk Sender is a high quality Whatsapp Marketing Software that will not only enable you to promote your various products and services more effectively but it will also help you gain total control of all your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns.

Contact us now if you want to avail of our high quality tool that will help you earn more profits! Simply add us on skype: bulkwhatsappsender or fill in the form provided below!

Additional bonus:

If you are one of the first 2000 clients to avail of this offer, we will also provide you with additional support! Aside from providing you with Whatsapp Bulk Sender, we will also provide you with INSTANT database support…ALL FOR FREE!

This offer (BONUS) is good until supply lasts!

Being your Whatsapp Marketing Provider, we aim to help you become successful in your business through providing you with only the best Whatsapp Marketing Solutions available. Stop trusting other Whatsapp Marketing Companies out there! Come to one of the best source of high quality and reliable Whatsapp Marketing Solutions!

If you wished to see a product demonstration, simply email us through [email protected] and we will promptly send you links.

30 Day Guarantee

Whatsapp Bulk Sender is guaranteed to make your life as a marketer easier! This is your perfect tool that will help you increase your income in as early as 30 days! We are so confident about this software that we are backing it up with 1 month, 100% refund guarantee! If Whatsapp Bulk Sender fails to generate higher income for your business during the first 30 days of usage, simply contact us and we will issue you full refund, no questions asked!

Download Bulk Whatsapp Messenger now and witness its power in increasing your profits!

What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Contact details   Skype: whatsappbulksender

Email: [email protected]

Call at +1 646 448 0344

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